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Benham Contracting was born out of a passion to meet the need for high quality homes at reasonable
prices throughout Charlotte County and neighboring North Port. As owners of the company, Mark
Hamsher and Jim Benson bring two of the best reputations in the local construction and real estate
industries together to deliver a building experience like no other, one that offers hands-on builder
involvement. Mark and Jim are fully engaged with every construction project, from contract, to job site
management and scheduling, to final walk-through; walking with every client through every step of the
building experience.

Mark Hamsher has been deeply involved in the building industry in this region since 2000 and has built
nearly 500 homes over this time span. His high integrity and attention-to-detail have made him one of
the premier home builders in the area. In 2016, Mark sold his shares of the family home building
business and focused his attention to full-time real estate. He quickly became one of the area’s top
Realtors, consistently selling over $10 million in sales volume each year. As a Realtor, having an outside
view of the entire local construction industry, Mark saw a huge need for high-quality, hands-on builder’s
approach. This need that was not being met. So, Mark decided to re-engage with the construction
industry and his long-time subcontractor relationships. Mark decided to fulfill a desire that most new
construction clients long for, a hands-on experience with their builder.

Jim Benson has built one of the most successful independent real estate companies in the region and his
sales partnership with another local homebuilder has catapulted that builder’s success into the largest
and most successful independent home builder in Charlotte County. Jim’s real estate companies,
Paradise Exclusive, Inc. and Paradise Exclusive Vacations & Rentals are comprised of over 60 real estate professionals, 5 full time support staff and 3 property managers. These companies consistently produce over $160 million in annual sales. Jim’s marketing and management skills are second to none in the local real estate market and his relationship and involvement within the local community are unmatched.
With a hands-on approach method, Mark and Jim are fully involved in every construction project. With
this on-site attention to detail approach, Mark and Jim have committed to keeping their sales volume
controlled and manageable. Production is NOT a term used within Benham Contracting. Quality, client
satisfaction and attention-to-detail are spoken and delivered with Benham Contracting.

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